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PAS BOBUTE.LT - online store of natural and healthy products.
This is the idea of ​​a young family who loves natural, high-quality and wholesome products. We want to use good products and offer you the opportunity to buy quality products. As a result, an online store of natural products produced by small farmers and family enterprises was created. We know our suppliers and their products very well, therefore we can offer you a quality service (consulting). We will sincerely advise and help you to choose our products.
TurmericThis spice is perfect for flavoring delicacies, rice, pasta, sauces. Vegetables, soups, snacks, fish, poultry give a fresh, tangy aroma. Turme..
3.50 €
Tea "Woman's Beauty".This tea is great for people who cleanse the body, consuming many medicines. "Woman's beauty" tea ingredients make it special and..
17.00 €
Tea "Woman's Beauty".This tea is great for people who cleanse the body, consuming many medicines. "Woman's beauty" tea ingredients make it special and..
8.00 €
Tea "Wishes of Water & Wind".Great tea for those who like refreshing, cool taste. Every breath is like a mild wind in your breath of fresh air. Te..
17.00 €
Tea "Strength of the Body".Tea with intense flavor and aroma with black seeds (Nigella sativa), anise and cloves. In Eastern culture, especially where..
21.00 €
Tea "Song of heart".The monks' old recipe tea, which gives peace, pleasure. Tea with history, religious subtext, proximity to our culture, nature.Prep..
17.00 €
Tea "Meadow flowers".This is a wonderful flower tea that will blossom your day, give you a sense of gratitude, take you to the sunny meadow. The main ..
14.00 €
Hemp flower budsTop quality hand-picked and re-reeled hemp flower buds. Has a lot of CBD, perfect for tinctures, compresses, inhalation, CBD oilaxtrac..
6.00 €
Tea set made from spice seeds, corns, roots, nuts (16 pcs.) Tea set contains 16 pieces. different types of teas:"In – Feminine spring""Machismo Y..
23.00 €
"Castle tea" Good for relax, better sleep.ingredients: rhubarb, bazilik, Lemongrass, mint, lime roses, levanda, scented peppe..
8.00 €
Food supplement “Eskimo-3 Kids chewable” Orange flavored chewable tablets with sweeteners27 tabletsNet quantity: 41 gIngredients: fish oil, sweeteners..
14.90 €
Tea "Bright morning".Spice tea preparation method: 1/3 teaspoon in a cup (200 ml) and pour boiling water, infuse for 2-4 minutes, tea prepared. Take 3..
10.00 €
Mint sugar A delicious flavor of coffee, in the production of refreshing drinks, cocktails. Can be used in confectionery.Country of origin: Lithu..
35.00 €
A mixture of five peppers:red pepper, green pepper, black pepper, white pepper, flavor pepperCountry of origin: Lithuania..
5.00 €
Cold pressed unrefined hemp seed oilHemp seed oil is rich in omega-3 (21.9%), omega-6 (66.3%), omega-9 (11.8%) fatty acids in an optimal ratio of 3: 1..
6.50 €
Grany's spice mix with hempGrandma's spice mixture with hulled hemp seeds will perfectly flavor meat, fish, vegetables, potatoes, stews. The soups wil..
12.00 €
Tea "JAN- Manly origin".Men's aphrodisiacs, power, energy. Tea with Chinese ginseng is an ideal choice for men. The taste is intensive, light bitterne..
17.00 €
Lithuanian bee honey.Honey is a particularly effective, natural way to enhance health and supplement the body with biologically active substances.Coun..
7.50 €

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